The top of the future –Formal Blouses

Blouses were plain, informal wear prior to the 19th century, worn mainly by peasants and children. In the past hundred years, the versatile blouse has invaded corporate life. A blouse is still sometimes perceived as less formal than a woman’s shirt. Yet blouses are versatile, pretty and business like when paired with sensible work trousers or a corporate skirt. KAARYAH presents you with a wide range of blouses from strictly business, stark black to lighter, more feminine formal blouses.

These increasingly popular corporate choices fit and fall beautifully. They are available in solids, pastels and with contemporary designs. They can also come with ruffles, twists or be quietly plain. Blouses for work are an easy, convenient and formal choice. Our range is created to provide you with options that suit a range of occasions and moods.

Each style is available in different colour that will not just enable a comfortable and stylish fit, but also a colour to suit your palette. Black blouses come in degrees of panache, and we have a variety to offer you. Venture into wearing blouses at work and revel in the freedom they bring you.

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