Why is KAARYAH your perfect FIT?

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I’ve tried every top brand in the country that makes formal clothes. As a snooker player, my clothes are mostly non-casual or strictly formal. The bow tie rule is relaxed in women’s cue sports but full sleeves formal shirts, formal trousers and waistcoats are compulsory at the national level and at the international standard championships. Every shirt that I’d picked up off the rack was too short, so short that playing in them was next to impossible. I’m a big fan of the little detail in the KAARYAH shirts - like the anti-gape buttons so the shirts do not gape open.

What’s your mantra for a perfect sporty yet stylish look?

I firmly believe that the ‘Look Good Feel Good’ idea works both ways. It’s very essential to feel good to look good. Comfort is priority for me but not at the expense of looking dowdy. Simple, elegant and easy breezy clothes are my pick.

Which is your favorite KAARYAH piece in the wardrobe?

As much as I love every single piece of KAARYAH clothing that I own, I have special inclination towards the body shirts (susy) because they have been designed so thoughtfully. I can play snooker without the added pressure of my shirt riding up while stretching out to playing a shot. The fabric stretches beautifully with my every move and the cut by itself is simple, yet sooooo stylish. I love SUSY.

Why is KAARYAH your chosen style statement?

COMFORT spelt in capitals and the FIT is truly flattering. I love the simple styling, classic and elegant designs.

How does it feel to be the most popular and successful snooker player in the country?

I feel proud that I can contribute to making India shine brighter and with success comes big responsibilities.I try to set a good precedent for the next generations also. It gives me immense satisfaction that I give my all to being the best in the business and also be very hands on mommy and home maker.

What is the one thing you look for in apparel and how is KAARYAH managing to fulfill that need?

To me comfort in clothes is priority and comfort to me means ‘FIT’ and ‘FABRIC’. I’m bowled over by the detail to fit by every single piece of KAARYAH clothing and I’m spoilt silly by the array of fabrics. Ohh and now the customers are spoilt some more by having the option of getting their clothes customized to!

A. MADE IN INDIA B. KAARYAH customer care is undoubtedly the best in the world. C. I love every single piece of KAARYAH clothing. I have huge regards for the detailing and much appreciation for the love and care that goes into the making of KAARYAH apparel. D. I love the team spirit that is so tangible in the success of KAARYAH and I’m a big big fan of Nidhi Agarwal’s ‘Never Say Die’ attitude.

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