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How do you relate to KAARYAH as a brand'?

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KAARYAH represents the modern financially independent woman of today's India and as a woman entrepreneur I can totally relate to the brand dialogue.

What do you like the most in the product (fit/innovation/style/comfort)?

‘Fit’ is what I like most about the KAARYAH products. They have tried to address the challenges of an Indian woman’s body shape and type. .

Who is your style icon and why?

I adore Parineeti Chopra’s style. She is a natural and has a great screen presence. She tends to carry her clothes with perfect ease and plus we both are from Ambala and are family-friends

COMFORT spelt in capitals and the FIT is truly flattering. I love the simple styling, classic and elegant designs.

What is your idea of fashion? How does KAARYAH match that?

Fashion is all about self-expression. KAARYAH offers products as per occasion, your mood & attitude. One can choose from everyday essentials to time-out casuals to business formals.

To me comfort in clothes is priority and comfort to me means ‘FIT’ and ‘FABRIC’. I’m bowled over by the detail to fit by every single piece of KAARYAH clothing and I’m spoilt silly by the array of fabrics. Ohh and now the customers are spoilt some more by having the option of getting their clothes customized to!

What is your most prized wardrobe possession?

My most prized wardrobe possession would be handbags from Prada, Gucci and the quintessential Bottega Veneta clutch.

Define KAARYAH in a sentence/few words?

KAARYAH is a fashion brand for the cosmopolitan woman.Once in the office, my time is divided between sitting with different teams, strategizing, analysing to executing my own long checklist of things to do. I really enjoy working with my team so time does fly. The working day seldom finishes before 8:30pm, and then I head home to spend some quality time with family! Dinner table conversations are always fun and relaxing and sometimes Rohan (my husband & Co-founder of CashKaro) & I head out to meet friends

Which of the KAARYAH Women are you (depending on your work life/lifestyle)? 'Breakfast to boardroom'/ 'Desk to Dinner'/ 'Job to Party'/'Bohemian Boss'? Tell us a little about your work schedule and lifestyle.

I am a ‘Desk to Dinner’ woman. My day usually starts around 6/6:30am. Since we have two operational cashback sites ( in UK and in India) in different time zones the first thing I do is - open my laptop and check email, answer any queries that come on Facebook and Twitter and on Whatsapp ! Having an online business means that while you were sleeping your ‘shop’ was still open so it’s important to quickly check how things are in the morning.