Rashi Narang

Founder, Tail Lovers

Why is KAARYAH your 'perfect fit'?

KAARYAH focusses on getting the perfect fit with each pair of clothing, paying a huge deal of attention to details, and really understanding what their customers need. 

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Jackie - Beige Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Top BUY NOW

Mikaila - Black Relaxed Fit Trousers BUY NOW

What about the brand do you like the most (fit/product innovation/variety/design)?

I love the fact that KAARYAH care about the perfect fit as much as the user does, or even more, by providing 18 sizes to choose from. Also, there's a huge variety of products to choose from with over 250 styles being added every month.

Shop This Look:

Niam - Sea Blue Straight Fit Top BUY NOW

How has your KAARYAH experience been so far (product, TAT, customer service etc)?

My KAARYAH experience has been fabulous! Top of the line products, excellent service, affordable pricing- Superb!

What is your idea of fashion? How does KAARYAH match that?

For me, Fashion is about comfort but also expressing myself. I'm more the classic style verses fleeting fashion sort of person and I have plenty of options via KAARYAH to fill that!

What is your most prized KAARYAH possession?

I'm loving my new black Relaxed fit trousers! I wasn't sure how they'd look and feel- but they are very comfortable and are great for everyday!

Define KAARYAH in a sentence/few words?


Which of the KAARYAH Women are you? 'Breakfast to boardroom'/ 'Desk to Dinner'/ 'Job to Party'/'Bohemian Boss'? Tell us a little about your work schedule and lifestyle.

I'm the Breakfast to Boardroom woman! Being a mom to a 3 year old, and managing a business keeps my hands full. I like to get started earlier than everyone else to stay on top of things. I'm in the office for most of the day post which the evenings are dedicated to the family!

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