Director, Corporate Communications Honeywell India

Why is KAARYAH your best fit?

I’ve found it exasperating to buy attractive clothes from some of the best, global, and expensive commercial brands, only to find poorly stitched and fraying seams, buttons that are placed too far apart for coverage or are poorly aligned. Every brand should ensure this basic hygiene, but for some strange reason, most global and Indian brands treat women’s clothing with little or no attention. Fabrics are flimsier and don’t hold up, or are see through. Trousers don’t have pockets, as if women are useless, and need no such utility. Skirts are too short, too tight and ride up, or too long. Zips bite, buttons fail, shirts gape.

KAARYAH pays attention to detail; buying a KAARYAH product means not having to safety-pin-up shirt fronts, not having to worry about skirt-fits that ride up the leg uncomfortably, and not having to manage your outfit for comfort and coverage all the time.

What is it about the brand that you like the most (fit/product innovation/variety of options/styles)

I like the utility and comfort without having to compromise on style. When I’m at work I don’t want to be watching the disarray of dress, I want to be dressed well, but comfortably, and concentrate on work. More recently, I like the KAARYAH inventory and classification. If I only want to look for tapered fits in trousers, I can browse through only those. If I only want pencil skirts, there are plenty to choose from

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Who is your style icon and why? Does KAARYAH help you meet your fashion goals?

Meryl Streep, for her elegance and femininity. She proves you don’t need to look or dress like a man or tart to exude power, poise, presence, and to command attention in a good way.

Define KAARYAH in a sentence?


How has your KAARYAH experience been so far (product, TAT, customer service etc)?

Products are great in every way – fabric quality, stitching detail, utility, comfort, and design. Haven’t needed customer service.

How has the brand modified the way you perceive fashion?

It hasn’t modified how I perceive fashion. It meets a rational expectation of fashion. Fashion shouldn’t mean having to compromise on basic comfort or style. Most fashions and fashion brands fail in one if not both.

What is your most prized KAARYAH possession?

I like most outfits I’ve tried and bought.

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Which of the KAARYAH Women are you? 'Breakfast to boardroom'/ 'Desk to Dinner'/ 'Job to Party'/'Bohemian Boss'?

Bohemian boss.

How was KAARYAH introduced to you?

Through a friend.

Would you recommend it to friends and why?

For anyone who wants to dress well and sensibly, KAARYAH is possibly the only place to go.

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