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"Finally I hope to find something my size. Please expand your options. Right now there are few items my size and no dresses! Thank you Mr. Tata!!"
Sujani Koya
"Congrats Nidhi very happy for you and All the very best, I love KAARYAH!"
Vartika Sinha
"I really liked the fit of the shirts"
"Recieved the shirt today. Fabulous fitting and quality as well as design. Perfect for me. Thanks once again for following up with order as like yours"

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KAARYAH makes Office Wear for Women perfect for you.

Women’s formal wear has moved from the choice between the sari and the salwar kameez to puzzling between corporate dressing and a-line dresses.  Today, you have little to no choice in the office wear section of clothing stores. The problem, mostly, is that none of the clothes in the entire ladies formal wear section fit properly.

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Now, you can beat the majority of women who feel ill-fitted in work wear. Join a savvy and discerning collective who know just where to find exquisite office wear. The clothing you’ve always sought to wear while you conquered the world is, finally here.

KAARYAH offers western wear for women who work. Our range is designed by Indian working women, for the Indian woman who works. Each piece of women’s office wear that we design is created to solve nagging issues of comfort and fit.

Our formal attire has been fashioned such that, when you straighten your shoulders to take on the competition, you won’t have to worry about your buttons gaping. You will no longer have a sartorial reason to hunch your shoulders or cross your arms. Your solution is available with KAARYAH, in tops that don’t gape and formal shirts that can be worn confidently in air-conditioned rooms.

If you are worried about your stomach, then we have innovations that will help. Expandable waists that camoflage your middle are part of the repertoire of our range of ladies’ formal wear. Our clothes do not have sleeves that are too short or too long for you and our formal trousers will feel great and fit better.

Speaking of waists, KAARYAH has the perfect solution to avoid your clothes bunching up as you get on with your day in the office. Our specially designed western wear shirts come with an answer only a woman would appreciate. Think shirt uppers and snap button bodysuits at the bottom. Voila, problem solved!

If you have a problem with women’s office wear, chances are that KAARYAH’s either solved it or is already working to address it, in the next season’s release of formal attire for women.

Our clothes are sized so that they fit every measurement of Indian curvature. Measure yourself at your bust, waist and hip and identify clothes made to fit you.  We have eighteen sizes available and all the styles your heart could desire. These are clothes designed for you, by tailors who are skilled at making formal clothes for women.

On that note, stop buying clothes that don’t fit you. Your closet will thank you. And so will your wallet. Power dressing starts with dressing well. After that, we have all the monochoromatics suits and skirts that will make your team snap to attention. Formal clothes are first and foremost about the fit. And fit is what KAARYAH does best.

The next thing you and your wallet should be thinking about is how to maximize what you’ve got. Start with knowing yourself and buying great fits. Maximize by learning how to change a look between boss to hostess to mommy. Formal wear can quickly become business casual by losing the jacket or changing your shirt. Switch quickly and dramatically by making your wardrobe work for you. Starting today.

Rotate between your roles as home-maker, caretaker, role model and go-getter by learning the basic rules of women’s formal wear and then breaking them. Establish your control when you walk into the room. And then keep it with the quality of your work.

Be feminine. Be beautiful. Let your sassiness impress people. And laugh like you’ve got gold mines diggin’ in your backyard. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you. KAARYAH will make it happen.

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